Gemma Goodale-Sussen

Gemma is a writer at Esri, focusing on content for the ArcGIS Business Analyst team.

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Got five minutes? Get to know Esri Updated Demographics

Esri Updated Demographics provides data about people in the United States, such as information about race, gender, education, and marital status.

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Use Tapestry segments to analyze American disadvantage

Take a closer look at the most disadvantaged American communities and study their socioeconomic context using Tapestry profiles.

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Get more out of Business Analyst infographics and dashboards

Customize your infographic, add complementary data to your map, and include other visualizations to tell a story.

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The path forward: What you’ll find in Business Analyst Pro

Find out what ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro has to offer and why it's a step ahead of Business Analyst Desktop.

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Migrate to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro: We’ve got you covered

ArcGIS Business Analyst functionality is built into ArcGIS Pro. See comparisons of common workflows in ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro.

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ArcGIS Business Analyst now includes Points of Interest data from Foursquare

ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App has expanded points of interest data to over 150 countries with Foursquare data.

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Got five minutes? Get to know the Market Potential data

Market Potential data provides insight into how people spend their time and money, what they value, and how these behaviors vary geographically.

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Migrate custom Business Analyst content to 2022 Esri Demographics

Learn how to migrate ArcGIS Business Analyst content, including custom infographics and variable lists, to the new Esri 2022 data source.

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Business Analyst 101: For users who want to get started with Business Analyst in ArcGIS Pro

Are you not sure about how to get started with Business Analyst in ArcGIS Pro? If yes, then this blog article is for you!

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