Esri's solution for open and transparent policing

Esri technology supports community policing initiatives in powerful ways. Police can now provide information to citizens with an array of maps and apps that leverage the agency’s existing GIS investment. ArcGIS can support a data strategy to increase transparency and promote community policing programs with open data and public records, open analysis, and citizen outreach. Law enforcement agencies can work with citizens to reduce and prevent crime and public safety risks.

Integrated solutions for open and transparent policing

Create an open data portal

An ArcGIS Open Data portal provides law enforcement agencies with a quick and easy way to start sharing data with the public. Once you decide which datasets you want to share, such as traffic stop data or public records, enable them to update automatically on your public-facing website with our easy-to-use tools.


Enable open analysis

Often, people want answers, not just raw data. With public-facing dashboards, law enforcement agencies can deliver open analysis tools that integrate maps with charts and widgets that encourage slicing, dicing, filtering, and querying of datasets. Encourage problem solving and understanding of policing strategies.


Connect with your citizens

Use story maps to add context to data, communicate outreach efforts, enlist the public’s help, and brief members of the community on upcoming events or community policing programs that may affect them. Help your citizens connect with your police chief and police officers.

Police Transparency

Esri's Police Transparency solution delivers a set of capabilities that helps police agencies share information with the public, promote agency initiatives, demonstrate accountability, encourage diversity, and engage residents to improve policing services and solve community problems.

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Open data portals

Toronto Police Service

Toronto’s Public Safety Data Portal aims to improve transparency and enhance confidence through the creation and use of open data.

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