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Treatment plants

Enhancing treatment plant management

Manage, visualize, and analyze vertical asset infrastructure with ArcGIS

Creating and managing vertical assets in GIS enables organizations to help staff quickly locate assets within facilities such as water or wastewater treatment plants. Staff can easily access maintenance records via maps to better understand an asset's history and performance as well as see which other assets it may be connected to. Managing vertical assets in GIS can also help with staff development and training by providing visual aids for new employees to better understand complex structures and assemblies.

Planning and design integration

Projects using CAD or building information modeling (BIM) products can be seamlessly incorporated into GIS. They are used to visualize a virtual experience in 2D or 3D, providing better understanding of facilities and complex assets. Images or 3D lidar imagery is incorporated to deliver lifelike representations of plants or pump and lift stations.

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Create and manage vertical assets

Complex networks within facilities can be modeled as they exist, enabling better understanding of interconnections and dependencies. Infrastructure visualized as 2D or 3D maps, scenes, and schematic diagrams can be integrated with asset management systems and incorporated into wayfinding and searching.

Map interior spaces with GIS
Map of buildings with satellite imagery

Connections: Sensors and controls

Detailed asset information enables integration with real-time sensors and control systems for visualizing and responding to alerts. Input from those systems and historical data enable analytics to predict failures and understand asset performance under peak demand.

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Enabling a vertical asset management program

Raleigh Water's vertical asset management program for treatment facilities focuses on preventative maintenance and reactive work activities.

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