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  ARC News
Spring 1999 Contents--Below are selected articles appearing in our Spring 1999 issue.
Cover Stories    

ArcInfo Version 8 Nears Final Release

Geostatistical Analyst Designed for Advanced Spatial Modeling

Esri Strengthens Internet Mapping--Announcing ArcIMS

Esri 1998--A Year of New Software, Exciting Technology, and Bold Learning Tools

Streets Department Integrates GIS with SAP/ERP

Utility Market Embraces ArcFM GIS Solution

Announcing Esri Support for Oracle8i

Yellowstone Enterprise GIS Video Now Available

Software News

BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition Now Available

MapObjects Version 2.0 Is a Major Release

Updated Internet Starter Applications Available for Download

Community News

9,000 Users to Converge on the Nineteenth Esri User Conference

GIS Day 1999 Slated for November!

Explore and Learn GIS at www.esri.com/training

GIS in Action

Database Mapping Sharpens Direct Marketing Efforts

Xamina Xawena (It is mine; it is yours)

Identifying, Predicting, and Mapping Species Habitat with GIS

University of South Florida Explores New TIGER Map Editing Tool

Internet Mapping Sites Expanding over the Spectrum


Focus on GIS in AM/FM

Whirlwind of GIS Activity in Nashville

Phoenix Intranet Plugs Leaks in Water Department

GIS Trends in Local Government

Iowa's Role for ArcView GIS in Redistricting

GIS Takes Center Stage in Community/Federal Information Partnership

ArcView GIS Supports Crime Analysis in Karachi, Pakistan

MAD GIS Helps Visualize Natural Hazard Risks


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