NaviGate Advanced Viewing Module

By Gatekeeper Systems

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The NaviGate Advanced Viewing Module can dramatically improve the readability of the maps for a particular purpose by filtering the data based on the data in the NaviGate database. The NaviGate Advanced Viewing Module (AVM) allows non-GIS "gurus" to easily “filter” which graphical objects are shown on a Navigate map, thereby dramatically improving the usability and clarity of the spatial data. Users can limit which objects are displayed based on any of the data columns associated with the data object in the NaviGate data warehouse; for example, users might filter by facility installation date, electrical phasing, capacity, outage date, transformer size, or valve type. Filters applied in AVM can carry over to other modules, such as the NaviGate Printing Module. The NaviGate Advanced Viewing Module uses the functions and features of the standard NaviGate Core application framework. You may add this module to any current version of NaviGate.


Electric & Gas, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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