NaviGate Underground Service Alert

By Gatekeeper Systems

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The NaviGate USA (Underground Service Alert) Module pro-vides interfaces to Call-Before-You-Dig call centers so that USA tickets can be displayed and managed in NaviGate, both in the office and in the field via a wireless connection. USA-specific map layers and an Options tab allow NaviGate users to view USA tickets themed in various ways, including: • Themed by ticket status (open, active, pending, etc.) • Themed by priority • Themed by status (unassigned, scheduled today, completed today, deferred) New tickets arrive from the USA call center and are stored in the NaviGate database (usually in Oracle). The NaviGate USA Module automatically assigns the tickets to the appro-priate underground location personnel based on their areas of responsibility and the calculated location of the ticket. NaviGate USA users can manage the list of their tickets di-rectly in the NaviGate environment. They can visualize ticket locations on the map and move tickets through a standard workflow from acceptance to marking. The USA module op-erates wirelessly at the point of work, and can also run in a disconnected mode in areas where wireless connections are poor. Tickets and all ticket activity are stored permanently in the database. Users can “share” tickets. Tickets with bound-ing boxes are displayed on the map as both point features and rectangles showing the ticket’s area of work. Users can edit the ticket’s area of work as an aid to marking efforts. Managers can use the map to visualize the spatial distribution of outstanding ticket activity, look at the backlog of tickets, and examine all of the data about any ticket simply by clicking on the ticket icon on the map. All of the management features are available from any Web browser.


Electric & Gas, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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