NaviGate Printing Module

By Gatekeeper Systems

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The NaviGate Printing Module provides enhanced printing and plotting capability for NaviGate applications. • Users can select specific engineering scales for printing. • Users can define and choose from a variety of output de-vices, each with a specific aspect ratio and print resolu¬tion. There is no limit to the number of distinct types of output devices, orientations, or printers/plotters. • The visibility of various elements (annotation, labels, and object visibility) is automatically adjusted for printer de-vice capabilities. The NaviGate system administrator can further adjust the printed map configuration to change la-bels, visibility scales, or other characteristics for the printed output. • A Print Preview window shows your printed map just as it will appear in the output. You can pan and rescale the win¬dow to adjust the area covered by the printed output. • The printed output matches the layers turned on in the main NaviGate map window. Users adjust the layers in the main window and the printed output is set to match those layers. • You can control the layout elements present in the final output (including title, legend, scale, and north arrow). The Printing Module refines the aspect ratio of the Print Preview window when these elements cause the aspect ra-tio of the final output to change. • Users can save their printing preferences for future use.


Electric & Gas, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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