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Product Summary The NaviGate Trace Module is based on the concept of net-works and connectivity. Within NaviGate, users can trace any network either upstream or downstream, highlight the traced network and generate lists of segments and components along the traced network. Connectivity networks can be in the form or pipes or wires that deliver a product (electricity, gas, water, etc.) from a source or “pick-up point” to customers (usually homes or businesses). Gas, liquid or electrical networks must be continuous and allow the flow to complete the delivery to the end-user or customer. A logical computer model of the network must be maintained. Product Description Connectivity information is typically maintained digitally in an organization’s GIS, OMS, or engineering analysis program(s). NaviGate usually utilizes those and/or other sources to obtain the “virtual network model” for the necessary connectivity data to make the Trace Module function. Once NaviGate captures the network model and the Trace Module is available, users can select segments of a network and trace “upstream” or “down-stream” to the source or customer, or stop at any specified de-vice along the way. Once a trace has been performed, it will highlight on the map and all connected segments, customers and devices will be listed in the output window. The Trace Module provides the following specific functions: • Trace electric conductors by phase if that data is available. • Trace gas lines within pressure zones. • Start or end trace on any device(s) maintained within the network. • Perform network trace both in the office and in the field (assuming NaviGate Mobile platforms are available). • NaviGate Trace module is accessible from the standard NaviGate pulldown menu. • Elements in the trace output lists and reports maintain asso-ciation to their counterparts in the map window to enhance user understanding. • Trace reports can be sorted, summarized and filtered for further analysis. • Reports can be output in Excel or XML formats.


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