NaviGate Outage Management Module

By Gatekeeper Systems

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The NaviGate Outage Management Module (OMS) is designed to help storm management personnel to prioritize, and manage the restoration process when outages occur. NaviGate OMS typically brings data from an organization’s trouble call system(s) into the NaviGate Core where trouble and outage calls can be visualized on a map in the context of asset and customer data. Additionally, it utilizes NaviGate Trace of the as-operated network so that outage extents and affected customers can be determined. Once an outage is detected or reported, mobile storm personnel can be dispatched to investigate an outage and determine cause. Restoration/response supervisors working closely with field teams can examine the as-operated network, run network trace and determine impacted customers and establish optimized and efficient restoration plans. In addition to providing the basis for restoration plans and dispatch, accurate lists of affected customers can be linked with the Customer Information System (CIS) to empower call center personnel with appropriate outage and restoration data. The OMS Module provides the following specific functions: • Link to call-center and trouble-call systems for outage alerts. • Automatically display outage and trouble icons on map in near real time. • Perform network trace up and down-stream to determine affected customers and relevant switchable devices. • Trace electric conductors by phase if that data is available. • Easily integrated with NaviGate Dispatch or third-party dispatch solutions. • Outage reports can be sorted, summarized and filtered for further analysis and sent to any Customer System. • Reports can be output in Excel or XML formats. • NaviGate OMS Module is accessible from the standard NaviGate pulldown menu. Data Requirements The NaviGate OMS Module can be configured as part of any stan¬dard NaviGate application and shares data with the standard applica¬tion. The NaviGate OMS Module re¬quires that the facilities data to be displayed in the OMS Module has already been configured in your standard Navi¬Gate system.


Electric & Gas, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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