NaviGate Document Manager Module

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The NaviGate Document Manager Module manages catalogs of electronic maps, documents and drawings such as details, as-builts, legal documents, etc. The documents, organized by region or district, are downloaded to a laptop or other field computer. The Document Manager keeps the laptop’s catalog current, while still allowing the user to make notes and other changes and upload those changes to the central database. The module provides the following specific features: • Document catalogs are automatically synchronized between the central repository and any number of field computers. Field computers are updated with new data and new files from the server with a single mouse click. • Documents can be “located” on the map, either automatically (in the case of documents containing an electronically-readable spatial location) or manually (by manually drawing a bounding box in the NaviGate map). • Uploads and downloads of changed data can be performed from a wired desktop or even in the field over slow wireless links. The Document Manager efficiently synchronizes only the data that changes, and tolerates unreliable network links. • Uploads of large volumes of data (for example, when a new mobile computer is first initialized) can be either completed over a high-speed network or by taking a CD to the field computer. The data from the CD is efficiently and easily copied from the CD to the local machine, and the local cache is updated. Internal controls prevent older files (for example, on an out-of-date CD) from accidentally over-writing newer cached local files. Administrators can use the Document Manager’s Export function to easily produce a CD. • Users in the office can also access the catalogs of drawings via the standard NaviGate application, and receive reports on field update of drawings and drawing data. • Local documents can be accessed by the NaviGate Field Module to integrate locally-cached drawings and other documents with the maps in NaviGate


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