NaviGate Spatial Data Fusion Core

By Gatekeeper Systems

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NaviGate Core is the data-viewing foundation for all NaviGate application modules. By itself Core provides a data rich, easy to use one-stop portal for users to easily access a fusion of corporate business information. Within Core is an aggregation of enhanced and summarized data from multiple sources across the entire utility enterprise, which forms an open spatial data warehouse. This includes static data (documents), spatial and dynamic data(CAD, GIS, CIS, maps, assets), transactional data(work orders, inspections, redline/edits) and real time data(SCADA, OMS, AVL). Core then serves that information into a single, self-service map-based application which uses maps and reports to provide easy access to key corporate information for the operations user community (both field and desktop users). NaviGate is a business-oriented turn-key solution designed to deliver key enterprise application data to thousands of personnel. NaviGate offers a menu of numerous optional mobile and office oriented business applications that fully integrate with each other on top of NaviGate Core to address specific business needs.


Electric & Gas,Public Works

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