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The Core component of the standard NaviGate system is designed around office use, and presumes a modestly fast Internet connection and large display screen. For Mobile applications, when sparse cell coverage is anticipated NaviGate users can opt for a “sometimes-connected” mobile platform called Desktop Mobile. This module provides a mobile platform that maintains a local version of data from the NaviGate Core data store and keeps that information updated whenever a connection is available. Product Description The NaviGate Desktop Mobile option addresses the needs of a sometimes-connected mobile interface to a NaviGate system and provides the following specific functionality: • The Desktop Mobile user interface provides access to all, or a sub-set of the same NaviGate reports and features available in the office. Reports can be either identical to the reports available in the NaviGate office application, or customized from that base to make them more usable in the field. • Data is stored locally on the mobile device and updates can be controlled or automatic whenever an internet connection is established (wired, cell or Wi-Fi coverage). • Transactional data (work orders, inspections, etc) are updated via a two way process for pushing new assignments out and receiving inbound field results. At the same time, asset maps and all related tabular information (changes only) are sent to update the local mobile device. • The Desktop Mobile Option provides special tools for limiting the amount of data transmitted over the wireless link when it is determined that particular information classes used in the office are not relevant in the field. Data updates can also be geographically partitioned if desired. • Unused features and reports can easily be edited out of the Desk-top Mobile system, avoiding clutter and unnecessary communications overhead. • The Desktop Mobile Option is a platform that can be configured together with NaviGate Field Data Entry and others to allow mobile personnel to receive transactional data (work orders, inspections etc.) wirelessly, display work, complete assignments and return results automatically.


Electric & Gas, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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