NaviGate Damage Asessment

By Gatekeeper Systems

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NaviGate Damage Assessment is an add-on module which provides both mobile and office components to automate and streamline the gathering of asset information during and after weather related events or other emergencies. It provides a disconnected map-based interface that offers users to easily assess asset damage and delivers that information to appropriate back-office work-related planning systems. NaviGate runs integrated with and on top of all Esri database components. More Than a Simple Point Solution • Field-Based Damage Assessment coupled with Powerful Map Viewing and Reporting • Complete Damage Assessment solution for rapid determination and immediate communication of repair and restoration needs • Broad business benefits for many users 24X7 - not just another narrow application for you to maintain • Maximize benefits from your investment in GIS and enterprise data systems while improving KPI’s all year long, not just in emergencies • Improve the efficiency and performance of your field crews, engineers, and operations by delivering timely and accurate maps and critical information to storm managers in the office and crews in the field


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