Homeland/National Security

US Department of Homeland Security Simplifies Its Enterprise Mission with Web GIS

With GIS, DHS supplies geospatial data, services, and applications to the homeland security community.
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How GIS is Used

ArcGIS enables public safety personnel to more effectively carry out all types of tasks during an emergency.
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Homeland/National Security

Every nation strives to protect and secure it citizens, natural resources, assets, and way of life. From within a nation's borders the interest is the prevention of incidents and reduction of impacts. At the border, it is understanding immigration, illegal trafficking, and defending against hostile neighbors. Beyond the borders, it is national defense forces helping other countries in responding and recovering from disasters, national health pandemics, and peace keeping. Each mission requires national intelligence for developing plans, assessing vulnerabilities, and responding with current and accurate situational awareness.

GIS in homeland security  [PDF] enables spatial analysis to understand trends and protection priorities. It provides homeland/national security personnel the ability to visualize and quickly understand the results and necessary actions. Ultimately, it transforms data into actionable intelligence.

Today, many homeland/national security stakeholders successfully deploy Esri GIS software and services to support the tasks and responsibilities for the national security [PDF] and homeland security mission [PDF] including

  • Integration of intelligence and rapid analysis to support fusion centers [PDF].
  • Improve threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments to safeguard communities and critical infrastructure.
  • Facilitate better emergency planning, response, mitigation, and recovery efforts.
  • Create a complete and comprehensive common operating environment and enhanced situational awareness [PDF].

ArcGIS is a foundational technology capable of fusing disparate data, analyzing trends and behaviors, and providing and sharing actionable information.

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