Public Safety

Homeland/National Security


These demonstrations illustrate the use of GIS in homeland/national security.

Virtual Port–Protecting the San Pedro Bay Port Complex

Learn how the Port of Long Beach utilizes GIS in their Virtual Port system to provide decision makers with the information they need to manage day to day operations, resources, and security threats.

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Port of Los Angeles

  • Protection of trade and commerce in Los Angeles 24/7
  • GIS integrated into the daily platform and workflow
  • Monitor activity of the Port using a robust GIS security system
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Dark Winter

  • Key issues in medical surveillance and outbreak management
  • Simulated bioterrorist smallpox attack on three U.S. cities
  • Three million infected in eight weeks; one million would die

Risk Assessment with GIS

  • Using GIS to locate threats and at-risk facilities
  • Using geocoding tools in ArcGIS StreetMap to establish a concern point
  • Analyzing hazard potential within a radius of the concern point

Threat Preparedness with GIS

  • Sample applications of using GIS to prepare for possible threats and emergencies
  • How GIS helps emergency response teams prepare for emergencies
  • Using GIS analysis tools to plan an intelligent response plan