GIS in Public Safety

Homeland/National Security


These demonstrations illustrate the use of GIS in homeland/national security.

Port of Los Angeles

  • Protection of trade and commerce in Los Angeles 24/7
  • GIS integrated into the daily platform and workflow
  • Monitor activity of the Port using a robust GIS security system

Dark Winter

  • Key issues in medical surveillance and outbreak management
  • Simulated bioterrorist smallpox attack on three U.S. cities
  • Three million infected in eight weeks; one million would die

Risk Assessment with GIS

  • Using GIS to locate threats and at-risk facilities
  • Using geocoding tools in ArcGIS StreetMap to establish a concern point
  • Analyzing hazard potential within a radius of the concern point

Threat Preparedness with GIS

  • Sample applications of using GIS to prepare for possible threats and emergencies
  • How GIS helps emergency response teams prepare for emergencies
  • Using GIS analysis tools to plan an intelligent response plan

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