GIS in Public Safety

Law Enforcement


These demonstrations illustrate the use of GIS in law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Solutions: Data Management Tools for Crime Analysis Webinar

Learn how to quickly and easily import incidents from a computer-aided dispatch or records management system into ArcGIS using the Incident Maps template.

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GIS in Public Safety: Seattle Police Department

GIS is the foundation of Seattle PD's information system. Its biggest test is the Torchlight Parade, which is the highlight of the Seafair Celebration each summer.

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Problem-Oriented Policing with the ArcGIS Platform

Esri law enforcement experts John Beck and Chris Delaney explain how the ArcGIS platform empowers law enforcement personnel with tools and workflows to quickly identify and analyze trends that drive improved crime response and mitigation.

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City of Philadelphia Police Department and ArcGIS with Grant Ervin and Detective Justin Frank

Grant Ervin and Detective Justin Frank of the City of Philadelphia Police Department show how they use ArcGIS for Server and web GIS to empower officers and detectives.

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Port of Los Angeles

  • Protection of trade and commerce in Los Angeles 24/7
  • GIS integrated into the daily platform and workflow
  • Monitor activity of the Port using a robust GIS security system

Ogden Police Department—Real Time Crime Center
Ogden Police Department gives an overview of their Real Time Crime Center which highlights the use of Esri's ArcGIS, Microsoft's SharePoint, and Fusion Core Solution technology to reduce crime in their community.
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Life Saving Maps
Life Saving Maps tells the story of a small, dedicated group of professional rescuers with the vision and initiative to develop an improved method of search and rescue.

GIS to the Rescue
GIS professionals work with public safety staff to build GIS maps that keep people and communities safe.

2010 Presidents Award-City of Frisco, Texas
SAFER GIS Application Provides Enhanced School Public Safety.

The Geographic Advantage in Law Enforcement
Information technology is key for addressing problems and patterns in Law Enforcement.
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The Value of GIS
Visualizing incidents helps analysts understand what's happening and why.
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Information Integration and Analysis
The geographic approach allows decision makers to integrate information from disparate sources and achieve a common operational picture.
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ArcGIS for Desktop Provides Crime Analysis and Data Integration
GIS integration with public safety applications provides decision makers with spatial awareness of risks and exposures associated with an incident as well as the incident's scale and magnitude.
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Strategic and Tactical Planning
GIS displays crime patterns and trends allowing police to predict future crime.
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ArcGIS Explorer Supplies Analysis With Easy-to-Use Tools
ArcGIS Explorer adds value to any GIS because it helps you deliver your authoritative data to a broad audience.
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Field Mobility
Units in the field share in the common operational picture.
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Mobile GIS Provides Improved Field Law Enforcement
Mobile GIS technology extends GIS beyond the office and allows stations to make accurate, real-time decisions and collaborate in both field and base environments.
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Operational Awareness
Seeing the situation geographically allows chiefs to deploy resources to the optimal locations.
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Web GIS Supports Effective Crime Management
GIS provides a unique view into the Law Enforcement Agency.
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The Complete Platform for Intelligence-Led Policing
Law enforcement agencies use GIS for crime analysis, criminal intelligence, community policing, and vehicle/personnel tracking.
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The Value of the Enterprise
GIS technology is flexible enough to meet the changing analytical needs of analysts and chiefs.
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