View rail results in real-time.

Get a full picture of your rolling assets, from their location to condition and virtually any other attribute. With real-time intelligence visualized in user-friendly dashboards and web maps, you can carefully monitor the state of operations, from tracking daily volume and delays to using . Enhance performance and profits by transforming raw data into useful information using the ArcGIS platform.



Integrate real-time information from all your business units so you see the full picture of your operations.


Take advantage of live data to carefully determine your best course of action to meet operational needs.


Collaborate faster using the same map-based information as a decision-making framework.


ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

You need to know when to devote resources to unfolding events. ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server can help. GeoEvent Extension filters big data feeds from unlimited inputs before pushing meaningful alerts to your mobile device or inbox.

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ArcGIS Platform

Integrate information from multiple sources into a single actionable framework, so you can monitor your switches, signals, and other assets in real time. Track rolling stock and monitor delays. Visualize, analyze, and communicate performance indicators in one place with the ArcGIS platform.

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ArcGIS Online

Bring all your business data into one standard map viewer that you can access anytime, anywhere. Use a cloud-based mapping platform to bring your relevant data into meetings at your customer’s office while your inspection crews change documents directly from the field. Your operations don’t live at headquarters. Take your business in the palm of your hand.

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