Climate Risk

Geography and business appear in this 3D rendering of a city

The Complicated Relationship between Business and Geography

A barrel used by wine growers sits next to a row of grapevines

Raise a Glass to New Wine-Growing Regions

A magnifying glass held to the sky represents climate disclosure for companies

With SEC Rule, Climate Risk Transparency Is Becoming the New Norm for Businesses

A world map symbolizes risk management for a global company

Fast Four: Risk Management as a Competitive Advantage

A Marriott property in San Diego, two glass-facade towers

Monitoring Risk at Marriott

Insurers must price risks like this wind event, which is buffetting palm trees

Climate Risk Analytics: The Key to Sustainable Insurance

Business risks were top of mind in 2023, as symbolized by tiles of the top 10 articles

Top Stories of 2023: Key Takeaways and Trends

A 3D model of a manufacturing plant represents a form of spatial thinking

Spatial Thinking Invades Computing, Business

Caution tape on a railing suggests the need for risk management

Survey: CEOs May Be Underutilizing This AI Capability

A black and white representation of office buildings

Exploring the Business Trend of Spatial Thinking

A 3D scene modeling storm impacts on a group of buildings

NextTech: Predicting Storm Impacts with Location Analytics, AI

A map with orange and green risk areas is part of a A map of color-coded risks, part of a climate risk assessment

Bringing Climate Risk Assessments In-House with GIS

Sustainability personified by solar panels and inclement weather

An Executive View of Sustainability—Resilience and Reduction

The Biden White House issues a new climate pledge

Biden Climate Goals Foreshadow Business Opportunities

A map could provide detail on business risk from climate change

Business Risk in Focus as COVID-19, Climate Change Threaten


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