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A weathervane signifies movement of the population center

A Shifting Population Center Puts Analytics in the Spotlight

Twelve wind turbines generate renewable energy in a hilly area

Fast Four: Renewing the Energy Outlook

Office towers under construction could benefit from AEC digitization

Are AEC Firms Ready to Build Tomorrow's Infrastructure?

A collection of blue dots forms a digital human silhouette

Finding Our Way in the Metaverse

An EV charger represents varying EV costs by state

Are EVs Cheaper Than Gas-Powered Cars in Your State?

A map of the US banking industry shows income disparities and banking opportunities

Fast Four: Banking on Smart Analytics

Grocery freezer cases represent consumer buying behavior

Inflation—And the Geography of Shopping Habits

A map of retail locations with green and red dots

Fast Four: Old Meets New in Modern Retailing

Utilities maps with dots on properties document homes and businesses served

Fast Four: Utilities Juggle Resilience, Net-Zero Goals

An office with couches and two workers could be a candidate for adaptive reuse

As Office Occupancy Falls, Adaptive Reuse Drives Real Estate

A digital view of a bridge across a river, fit for an AEC company

Fast Four: With Infrastructure in Focus, the AEC Industry Innovates

Spatial finance is represented by a chart of green and red lines over a world map

What Is Spatial Finance, and How to Prepare for It

Long-haul truckers might have a windshield view like this

Recruiting and Protecting a New Generation of Young Truck Drivers

A low-staff hotel helps guests serve themselves

For Low-Staff Hotels, Location Intelligence Elevates the Guest Experience

A world map with dots representing product available in select locations

What’s behind the Phrase “Available in Select Locations”?

An IT map reveals relationships between employees, software, and IT infrastructure

NextTech: The Holy Grail of IT—A Digital Twin of People, Process, Tech

A field of crops signifies hidden food costs

Adding Up Food’s Hidden Costs

Consumer preferences seem to be shifting to meatless meals like this

Tracking Meatless Menus and Other Trends


Here's Where Americans Are Most Optimistic about the Future

Vending machines get smarter, more creative

Coming to a Corner Near You: Data-Savvy Vending Machines

A world map of cryptocurrency

Which Countries Use Cryptocurrency Most?

A smart map of a city with 3D buildings

Five Ways Smart Maps Have Changed the Business World

The Biden White House issues a new climate pledge

Biden Climate Goals Foreshadow Business Opportunities

COVID relief funds are available for California renters like these

Location Awareness Speeds Pandemic Relief Funds to Renters


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