Dan Pisut

Dan leads development of the Living Atlas of the World Environment content, which includes information about Earth's land, ocean, atmosphere, and ecosystems. Prior to Esri, Dan worked at NOAA for two decades, leading data visualization efforts for research, communications, and education.

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Build a Heat Index Map in 5 Minutes

Use real-time weather data from NOAA and ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World to display the status of heatwaves around the world.

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USGS Releases New Maps of Protected Areas in the United States

A series of maps provide simplified access to detailed analyses of the protected areas of the United States via Living Atlas.

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New Live Feeds Weather Data Goes Live

Many of the weather and disaster layers in ArcGIS Living Atlas have been updated with improved versions that leverage hosted feature services.

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Mapping Two Decades of Landcover Change in the U.S.

An improved version of the NLCD is now available in the Living Atlas, providing the ability to map and analyze land use patterns since 2001.

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Monitor Coral Bleaching Around the World in Real-Time

New data and apps from the Living Atlas and NOAA provide updated information on coral bleaching conditions around the world.

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Is the Risk of Wildfire Increasing Where You Live?

Updates to the USA Wildfire Hazard Potential show the most recent analysis from 2018.

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Flooded by Features? Use This Recipe for Building Complex Hosted Feature Services

Deploying a hosted feature service with millions of polys isn't so difficult. Just follow these simple steps.

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Putting the Emphasis Where it Matters

A few simple changes to the display of drought data that greatly improve the map's ease of use.

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Active Hurricanes: Now Even Windier!

Updates to the Active Hurricanes Live Feed in the Living Atlas of the World to include wind forecasts for Central Pacific hurricanes

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