Hong Xu

Hong is a Principal Software Product Engineer on Esri's raster team, where she has been working since 1999. She has played key roles in the development and leadership of various software products related to imagery and data science throughout her tenure. Currently, her areas of focus include time-series image analysis and multidimensional raster.

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Let’s do data science V: New Multidimensional Raster Capabilities

This blog summarizes new capabilities on multidimensional raster, STAC, trajectory data, and image processing in ArcGIS Pro 3.2 release

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Create a cloud-free image composite from satellite imagery

Learn how to apply the new geometric median raster function in creating cloud-free image composite workflows.

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Let’s do data science IV: new type of remote sensing data and new algorithms

Discover the three new features of image and multidimensional raster analysis in the upcoming ArcGIS Pro 3.1

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Change Detection in Amazon Floodplains Using Landsat Time Series

Learn how to perform time series change detection workflow in ArcGIS

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Dev Summit 2022: Spatial and temporal pattern analysis of time series imagery

Learn how you can use Principal Component Analysis in ArcGIS Notebooks for spatial and temporal pattern analysis of time series imagery.

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Visualize raster using a vector field in ArcGIS

Visualize ocean and atmospheric data using vector field and animated flow renderers in ArcGIS and create maps for desktop and web applications

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Principal component analysis of multidimensional raster in ArcGIS

Use the Multidimensional Principal Components tool to analyze the spatial and temporal patterns of vegetation in Pantanal.

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Mapping extreme weather zones for birds

Analyze weather variables using the multidimensional raster analysis tools in ArcGIS to map the extreme weather zones that affect birds.

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Dev Summit 2021: Change detection of time series imagery

Learn how you can use LandTrendr in ArcGIS Notebooks to detect changes in time series imagery.

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