Julie Powell

Julie Powell is a Principal Product Manager, focusing on Esri's web development technologies. She works to ensure developers can be successful in building state of the art, purposeful solutions using ArcGIS software. Julie brings 20 years of experience working with global leaders such as Hewlett-Packard and Esri, delivering a variety of software solutions for both the enterprise and consumer markets. Julie has worked on a wide range of projects and consulting endeavors, including serving as technical lead for web mapping solutions for strategic customers.

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What’s New in ArcGIS API for JavaScript (version 4.19)

Version 4.19 brings snapping, ES modules in production, performance improvements, shadow highlighting and a lot more. Check out the highlights!

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Introducing Calcite Design System (beta release)

Build beautiful, consistent apps that seamlessly integrate with the ArcGIS ecosystem using Esri's design system.

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Web Developer’s Guide to the 2021 Esri Developer Summit

Web developers have a LOT of great sessions to choose from this year at the 2021 DevSummit! This is a guide for planning your week.

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What’s New in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (version 4.18)

Learn about the latest updates including ES modules, cluster queries, layer effects, improved transparency and underground navigation, and more.

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Pop-ups for Web Developers

Learn about some of the subtle yet powerful capabilities of the pop-up that you can take advantage of as a developer.

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What’s New in ArcGIS API for JavaScript (October 2020)

Learn about the latest advances in the JavaScript API, such as faster feature layers, more robust stream layers, and polygon fill patterns in 3D.

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So Long Internet Explorer 11, and Thanks for All the Views

The time has come for Esri to phase out support for Internet Explorer 11 in ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, and ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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What’s new in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (July 2020)

Check out the new capabilities and enhancements in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript!

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Web Developers Guide to the 2020 Esri Users Conference

Web developers attending the 2020 Esri UC will have a variety of ways to learn and explore the latest innovations.

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