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The Ultimate ArcGIS Business Analyst 2021 Esri UC Resources List


Jack closed out the 2021 Esri User Conference opening plenary session by encouraging the notion of “show your work” to learn from others.

With that in mind, the ArcGIS Business Analyst product engineering team has created a slew of resources for you. As companion pieces to our 2021 Esri UC Technical Workshops, these resources focus on new features, tips n’ tricks, how-to, Esri Community posts, videos, articles, demos, code samples, examples, best practices, etc. etc. etc.

There’s a lot of good stuff here so please bookmark and share. We work to support YOUR work – so thank you for all you do.


(1)   Data-driven Trade Areas with Arcade expressions – Part I 
Description:  Walk through some scenarios using Arcade expressions to customize distance-based trade areas.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article
by Kyle Watson


(2)   Data-driven Trade Areas with Arcade expressions – Part II
Description:  Take Arcade a bit further to build dynamic drive times with American Community Survey commute-to-work data.  You can even copy/paste the code from this Gist.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article
by Joel McCune


(3)   Sharing Infographics in ArcGIS Dashboards from ArcGIS Business Analyst
Description:  Learn how to share your infographic into a hosted ArcGIS Dashboard.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article and Sample dashboard
by Donna Buhr & Anna Kishore


(4)   Best practices when sharing and running infographics with your own data
Description:  Understand all the considerations of sharing your custom data properly in so it populates correctly in infographics.
Resource:  Esri Community blog
by Fasil Tiru


(5)   Using custom Infographic panels in Business Analyst
Description:  Learn all about infographic panels and how to share them with your colleagues.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article and YouTube video
by Debashish Ghosh


(6)   Learn how to create batch infographics in Business Analyst Pro
Description:  Use this “hack” to work with batch run infographics in ArcGIS Pro behind-the-firewall.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article and Knowledge Base article
by Darren Cook


(7)   Performance improvements for using Business Analyst data in Pro
Description:  Find out how much faster Business Analyst Pro calculates data, as well as the improved speed of the Data Browser.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article
by Daniel Lee


(8)   Saving “favorites” for Business Analyst data items
Description:  A quick walk through of a subtle, yet convenient new feature – data variable favorites in the Pro 2.8 release.
Resource:  Esri Community Blog
by Christopher Melera


(9)   How to stop leaving Michigan’s Upper Peninsula off of maps
Description:  A fun way to learn about improved polygonal adjacency in Territory Design – with the help of Yoopers.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article and YouTube video
by Kyle Watson


(10)   Scenario planning enhancements in Territory Design
Description:  See how we’ve upgraded the Assign pane in Territory Design to forecast how territory reassignments will statistically change.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article and YouTube video
by Kyle Watson


(11)   New to ArcGIS Pro – Add ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App Sites
Description:  Learn how to work with centralized data from the BA Web App to ArcGIS Pro
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article
by Darren Cook


(12)   ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise now on Linux
Description:  Linux is now an option for those open source Admins out there – this article walks through the advantages of our cross platform solution.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article
by Daniel Stauning


(13)   Create dynamic HTML side-by-side infographics 
Description:  Learn some technical tricks to customize DHTML infographics in the BA Web App.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article
by Geetha Narayanan


(14)   Create Age Pyramid Charts in Business Analyst
Description:  A step-by-step guide to building Business Analyst Web App ‘age-sex’ pyramid charts in Infographics.
Resource:  ArcGIS Blog article
by Anna Kishore


Thanks again and and we’ll look to add some more!

The Technical Workshops our product team are giving are:

These sessions will be recorded and can be viewed later if you are registered for the conference.

About the author

Kyle is a Principal Product Engineer with Esri - focusing on geospatial technologies and applied demographics. He is part of a global team responsible for building next generation ArcGIS Business Analyst applications.

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