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Enabling Congress to better serve the public

Through an enterprise agreement with Esri, Congressional staff have unlimited access to GIS technology for digital mapping and spatial analytics. The most popular tool offered is ArcGIS Online, the latest cloud-based component of the Esri platform. ArcGIS Online enables anyone in your office to make and share maps online from a web browser, for public or private use. The easy-to-use mapping tools are supplemented by a vast collection of authoritative, free, publicly accessible maps published by Esri and its user community—including federal, state, and local government agencies.

ArcGIS Online is meant for GIS users of any skill level and is currently being leveraged by House and Senate communications, policy, and constituent service staff. In this webinar series, you will learn how you can use ArcGIS Online to visualize your data and communicate more effectively with the public.    

Past Webinar

Insights for Policy Analysis

During this webinar, we will walk you through the various analysis tools and visualizations that Insights offers, outlining best practices for public policy professionals. Through exploring the various approaches to analysis, attendees will gain an understanding of how they can do effective policy analysis and create engaging visualizations using Insights for ArcGIS.

Past Webinar

Esri Community Analyst for Policy Analysis

Esri Community Analyst allows you to better assess the needs of your constituents and the impacts of policy options and decisions. Leverage the extensive demographic information to find the communities you are searching for, and create maps and reports showing the future your policy hopes to deliver.

Past Webinar

Spatial Analysis for Public Policy

Almost all policy decisions involve location, and frequently that same location component has an impact on finding the solution to our nation's problems. Spatial analysis enables you to consider the where of the problem, whether it's where the resources are or where they need to be sent. This webinar will teach you how to use spatial analysis to create better policy and how to communicate those policies to your constituents.