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Winter 2000/ 2001
Fall 2000
Summer 2000

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Spring 2001 Contents—Below are selected articles appearing in our Spring 2001 issue.

Cover Stories    
Spring 2001 ArcNews issue cover page

Tennessee Begins First-of-Its-Kind GIS Basemapping Project—A New GIS Architecture for Geographic Information Services
   by Jack Dangermond

     Committing to Open Standards

Geography Network Supports Open Standards

     Geography Network Challenge

Hydro One Implements ArcGIS

Esri in 2000—Continued Firm Footing for New Millennium

United Nations Environment Programme Launches Map Portal

Software News

ArcIMS to Include Helpful Site Starter Templates

ArcPad 6 Coming Soon

Free ArcView 8.1 Virtual Campus Course Now Available for ArcView GIS 3.x Users

GIS in Action

Pennsylvania Turnpike Maintains Roadway and Driver Safety with GIS

The Associated Press Develops MapShop

USA Today Uses GIS for Election Mapping

GIS Day 2000 Is a Worldwide Triumph

Tornado Alley "What If" Scenario Brought to Life with GIS

AAA Develops Routing Online Service Using ArcIMS

GIS in Action (cont.)

New GIS Services Company Is Joint Venture Between Two Well-Known Firms

Cook County GIS Makes Steady Progress

ArcLogistics Route Helps Velocity Express Deliver Complex Logistics Solution

Esri Business Partners Assist Public Works and Community Development

Internet Mapping Promotes Spatial Awareness Worldwide

GIS Trends in Forest Management

Analyzing the Jasper Fire in the Black Hills National Forest

GIS Gives Foresters a Better Way to Look at Trees


Focus on GIS Water/Wastewater

GIS Goes with the Flow

Mapping System Provides Efficient Sewer Management

GIS Community News

Explorers Honored by American Geographical Society

Planning for a GIS Provides a Road Map for Successful Implementations

16th European, Middle Eastern, and African User Conference

21st Annual Esri International User Conference: A Venue for Sharing

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