Gatekeeper Systems

Upland, CA, United States


Gatekeeper Systems offers NaviGate Spatial Data Fusion, a utilities oriented Mobile and office product for corporate information integration and distribution. It is a business application suite driven by a map-based spatial data warehouse that combines GIS asset data with business data that is not stored in GIS. NaviGate communicates a broad range of corporate information to unlimited users in the form of reports and maps and is totally compatible with the full range of ESRI products. NaviGate makes that information much more accessible to unlimited field and office employees such that utility operations business decisions can be made faster and based on the right information wherever they need to be made. NaviGate aggregates, enhances and summarizes data from multiple sources across the entire enterprise. This includes static data (documents), spatial and dynamic data(CAD, GIS, CIS, maps, assets), transactional data(work orders, inspections, redline/edits) and real time data(SCADA, OMS, AVL). Users access that information in a single, self-service web based 'portal' which uses maps and reports to provide easy access to key corporate information for the operations user community (both field and desktop users). NaviGate is a business-oriented adaptable, turn-key solution designed to enhance critical applications in the enterprise, not compete with them.



Every asset-intensive organization maintains business-oriented information. Data profiles vary from organization to organization and business needs and priorities vary. When implementing NaviGate Spatial data Fusion Gatekeeper Systems will tailor the user experience accordingly. NaviGate is a modular solution that integrates with numerous back-office information systems and fuses that data within an easy to use map-based interface to improve business efficiency. The goal is to serve key information to a broad user community so that critical answers cam be available whenever and wherever personnel are. Mobile and office business modules offered with NaviGate can be added as business needs demand. All modules will be integrated and adjusted by Gatekeeper to specific unique requirements of an organization. All modules work together on top of the NaviGate Core but can have different features and business processes depending on organizational needs and priorities. The NaviGate Mobile desktop platform is a good example of a "sometimes-connected" field solution that, with configuration, can satisfy numerous mobile business requirements including work orders, inspections, forestry, locate, field sketch, etc. Gatekeeper offers these solutions as turn-key single licenses that include full implementation, integration and configuring to produce applications that may be unique to an organization due to their information profile and business needs..

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Implementation, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services