NaviGate Operations Visualization System

By Gatekeeper Systems

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The NaviGate Operations Visualization System (OVS) shows utility operations information via a Web-based and map-based user interface. Utilities can use OVS to display maps and reports on real-time operating activity such as trouble calls, maintenance work, construction activity, and so on. NaviGate OVS enhances the data created in those external sources by analyzing the data, combining it with other data sources, and summarizing the data spatially and temporally. OVS also includes additional features in the NaviGate user interface to allow users to easily interact with the kind of dynamic data these applications involve. OVS provides facilities to connect to, import from, and summarize the data in transactional systems such as trouble-call reporting systems, work order systems, and outage management systems. Data from these systems is connected to facility and customer data to create integrated maps and reports. The locations of transactions will be shown on the map (e.g., showing a utility vehicle at the location of a cus-tomer service or facility). Icons on the maps can be linked back to reports about the transactional data, so that users can click on icons on the map and get reports about those activities. OVS can simultaneously show trouble calls from your Customer Information System, electric outages from your Outage Management System, work orders from your Work Management System, weather from the NaviGate Weather Module, and “call before you dig” tickets.


Electric & Gas, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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