CXO Priorities

Helpful perspectives on the topics that keep executives up at night

An operational basemap shows locations of property and assets around the world

NextTech: Creating an Operational Basemap

One floor of an office building represents the CEO and CMO dynamic

A Technology Remedy for the CEO-CMO Disconnect

A black and white representation of office buildings

Exploring the Business Trend of Spatial Thinking

KPMG, one of the Big Four consulting companies, improves global guidance with location insight

The Location-Savvy Consultant

A map with a cluster of dots represents business expansion opportunities

WhereNext Confidential: Business Leaders Discuss Paths to Growth

A JLL dashboard reveals real estate options

JLL Delivers Location Intelligence to Thousands of Employees

Biodiversity represented by a grassland hillside, lake, and mountains

Think Tank: Why Are Business Execs Talking about Biodiversity?

A magnifying glass over a globe symbolizes sustainable sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing: A Data-Driven Approach to Supplier Selection

A map showing varying threat levels in shades of blue and red

A Call for Collaboration Strengthens Corporate Security

A boardroom scene signifies the challenge of earning executives\' trust

WhereNext Confidential: Earning Executives' Trust

The WhereNext Confidential series symbolized by an \'Answers\' sign

WhereNext Confidential: Pressing Questions, Insider Answers

A cargo port represents the impacts of CBAM

Understanding the Global Impacts of EU’s Carbon Tax

A map showing driving routes through a supply chain

Inside the Supply Chain Work of GM and Other Innovators

A time-lapse view of a city street implies a need for operational efficiency

Three Ways Location Intelligence Drives Business Efficiency

A world map shows the extent of Cisco\'s service supply chain

How Cisco Created a GIS-Based Digital Twin of Its Service Supply Chain

A map with orange and green risk areas is part of a A map of color-coded risks, part of a climate risk assessment

Bringing Climate Risk Assessments In-House with GIS

A diagram of cascading boxes for what-if planning

Think Tank: Failing Fast with a Digital Twin

A chart with an ascending line represents tech spending plans

CXOs Increase Tech Budgets to Build a More Intelligent Enterprise

A rocky chasm looking up at sky symbolizes the gender pay gap

A State-by-State Look at the Gender Pay Gap

A metal chain close up

As Supply Chains Falter, Executives Ask, "What If?"

Darrell Booker of Microsoft focuses on racial equity in his work

How Microsoft Mapped a Path to Community Impact

a one hundred dollar US bill signifies the IRA and federal spending

Billions in New Federal Spending and Its Business Impacts

A map of global indicators shows each country\'s total investments abroad as a vertical line

NextTech: An Executive View of the Global Economy

Natural resources companies operate in areas like this riverbank

How Net Zero, Geopolitics Are Reshaping Natural Resource Industries


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