CXO Priorities

Helpful perspectives on the topics that keep executives up at night

A map with colored blocks and data points indicates the value of managing a mobile enterprise

A CIO’s Guide to Connecting the Mobile Enterprise

A world map symbolizes risk management for a global company

Fast Four: Risk Management as a Competitive Advantage

Steps embedded in wall signify the CIO stepping up to advise companies

CIOs Step Up as Advisers to the Enterprise

A Marriott property in San Diego, two glass-facade towers

Monitoring Risk at Marriott

GIS professionals work in every business sector, as symbolized by these office buildings

From Bytes to Insights—The Growing Role of GIS Professionals in Business

An operational basemap shows locations of property and assets around the world

NextTech: Creating an Operational Basemap

One floor of an office building represents the CEO and CMO dynamic

A Technology Remedy for the CEO-CMO Disconnect

A black and white representation of office buildings

Exploring the Business Trend of Spatial Thinking

KPMG, one of the Big Four consulting companies, improves global guidance with location insight

The Location-Savvy Consultant

A map with a cluster of dots represents business expansion opportunities

WhereNext Confidential: Business Leaders Discuss Paths to Growth

A JLL dashboard reveals real estate options

JLL Delivers Location Intelligence to Thousands of Employees

Biodiversity represented by a grassland hillside, lake, and mountains

Think Tank: Why Are Business Execs Talking about Biodiversity?

A magnifying glass over a globe symbolizes sustainable sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing: A Data-Driven Approach to Supplier Selection

A map showing varying threat levels in shades of blue and red

A Call for Collaboration Strengthens Corporate Security

A boardroom scene signifies the challenge of earning executives\' trust

WhereNext Confidential: Earning Executives' Trust

The WhereNext Confidential series symbolized by an \'Answers\' sign

WhereNext Confidential: Pressing Questions, Insider Answers

A cargo port represents the impacts of CBAM

Understanding the Global Impacts of EU’s Carbon Tax

A map showing driving routes through a supply chain

Inside the Supply Chain Work of GM and Other Innovators

A time-lapse view of a city street implies a need for operational efficiency

Three Ways Location Intelligence Drives Business Efficiency

A world map shows the extent of Cisco\'s service supply chain

How Cisco Created a GIS-Based Digital Twin of Its Service Supply Chain

A map with orange and green risk areas is part of a A map of color-coded risks, part of a climate risk assessment

Bringing Climate Risk Assessments In-House with GIS

A diagram of cascading boxes for what-if planning

Think Tank: Failing Fast with a Digital Twin

A chart with an ascending line represents tech spending plans

CXOs Increase Tech Budgets to Build a More Intelligent Enterprise

A rocky chasm looking up at sky symbolizes the gender pay gap

A State-by-State Look at the Gender Pay Gap


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