Data and AI

Demos and insight on AI and analytics for data-driven businesses

A worker in a hardhat on a beam signifies construction firms

Global Construction Firms Explore GIS, Location Intelligence

Professionals writing on a clear board represents the risk of AI exposure for certain jobs

Measuring AI Exposure by Job, Geography

A 3D scene modeling storm impacts on a group of buildings

NextTech: Predicting Storm Impacts with Location Analytics, AI

Data scientists working on computer code

WhereNext Confidential: Wooing Data Scientists

A diagram of cascading boxes for what-if planning

Think Tank: Failing Fast with a Digital Twin

The practice of GeoAI represented by a map of locations and routes

Think Tank: GeoAI Reveals a Glimpse of the Future

An IT map reveals relationships between employees, software, and IT infrastructure

NextTech: The Holy Grail of IT—A Digital Twin of People, Process, Tech

Did United Cacao clear a section of rain forest like this?

Eyes over the Amazon Unravel a Deforestation Mystery

A sign of the four A\'s of location intelligence

A Growing Company Enlists the Four A’s of Location Intelligence

Companies can use GIS maps like this to perform route optimization

Better Routing Leads to Better Healthcare

In boardrooms like this, executives are discussing IoT, cloud, and AI technology

Survey Says AI, IoT, Cloud Top CXOs' Agenda

The lightbulb represents new thinking for centers of excellence

Think Tank: An Emerging Trend in Analytics

Can the value of data be measured in currency?

What Is the Business Value of Location Data?

Solar, wind, and other renewables are growing more economical

How Advanced Analytics Is Fueling Renewable Energy

A business executive using location intelligence and AI

Artificial Intelligence and Location Intelligence: A Business Guide

A KFC restaurant by Yum! Brands

KFC Leverages Data to Support International Expansion

AI and data analytics now play a role in this movie theater and others

Could AI and Data Analytics Deliver Blockbuster Movies?

Parking lot analysis with AI

NextTech: Artificial Intelligence in Action for Business

Maximizing real estate value with location intelligence

Unseen: Finding the Hidden Value in Real Estate

John Deere and market growth

How Data-Driven John Deere Wins the Market

How humans move through the built environment

NextTech: Visualizing Consumer Traffic

Democratizing data in the organization

Business Trends: Democratizing Data in the Organization

The 5G network buildout

NextTech: AI’s Role in the 5G Buildout

AI and GIS at the ballpark

AI Moves Fans in and out of SunTrust Park


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