Gemma Goodale-Sussen

Gemma is a writer at Esri, focusing on content for the ArcGIS Business Analyst team.

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Explore life expectancy across race groups with Business Analyst smart map search

We demonstrate how to use the smart map search Results pane in Business Analyst Web App for exploring average life expectancy across race groups.

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Got five minutes? Get to know ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Service

ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Service quickly adds information like local demographics, spending patterns, and business data to your study area.

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How to collaborate across license levels in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App

Many organizations have multiple Business Analyst licenses: some Standard, some Advanced. How do users with different license types collaborate?

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Got five minutes? Get to know hexagons

Why on earth is everyone talking about hexagons?

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Design a web map to analyze residential racial segregation in the U.S.

Learn how to create a web map that displays the residential distribution of demographic concentrations using Justice40 data.

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How to assign Business Analyst licenses to users in your ArcGIS Online organization

ArcGIS Business Analyst users and administrators: learn how to assign licenses to your organization

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Learn about American Community Survey data throughout ArcGIS

Did you know you can use ACS data in both ArcGIS Living Atlas and ArcGIS Business Analyst? Learn more about ACS data in these two products.

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Got five minutes? Get to know Esri Updated Demographics

Esri Updated Demographics provides data about people in the United States, such as information about race, gender, education, and marital status.

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Use Tapestry segments to analyze American disadvantage

Take a closer look at the most disadvantaged American communities and study their socioeconomic context using Tapestry profiles.

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