Philip Mielke

Philip is the 3D Web Experience Product Manager at Esri, working to understand customer requirements and apply forward-looking perspective for how we solve problems together with 3D GIS. Having served as an ecologist, crime analyst, GIS Supervisor and CIO, Philip is a 20 year veteran of leveraging GIS to create daily efficiencies and develop long term vision. Philip makes music, reconditions old VW's and plays with his daughters in his not-so-quiet time.

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What’s New in Scene Viewer (March 2022)

This release of scene viewer includes Voxel Scene Layer, with which you can bring multidimensional data to more audiences on the web platform.

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What’s New in Scene Viewer (September 2021)

Users are now able to add WGS84 scene layers to local scenes and author local scenes that use ArcGIS Online basemaps and elevation.

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What’s New in Scene Viewer (June 2021)

Major milestone for Scene Viewer users! Editing point, line and polygon feature layers. Also user interface, author pop-ups and save layer.

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What’s New in Scene Viewer (April 2021)

This Scene Viewer release includes elevation profile, shadow highlight and visualization improvements for 3D scenes on the web.

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Explore Mars with GIS

3D Mars app from Esri: Compare the Grand Canyon with Valles Marineris; see previous landing sites and explore and understand Mars with GIS!

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What’s New in Scene Viewer (December 2020)

This Scene Viewer release addresses better experiences with attribute editing, navigation, searching and visual quality with transparency.

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Thematic 3D Extrusion…. produced entirely with ArcGIS Online

Here's a step-by-step process for making a thematic extrusion starting with only a CSV file of addresses.

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What’s New in Scene Viewer, June 2020

This release of Scene Viewer contains features to manage integrated mesh and extends visual improvements to shadow and water visualization.

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What’s new in Scene Viewer (March 2020)

Scene Viewer has improvements address Building Scene Layers, 3D Object Scene Layers, and Integrated Mesh Scene Layers.

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