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Elected and Appointed Officials

Quality of life depends on real-time decision-making. Location intelligence lets you quickly see where things are happening and how information is connected—from responding to citizens to funding a mandate. GIS connects citizens and government to support transparency and evidence-based problem solving.


Santa Clara keeps traffic moving.

Using real-time traffic information, the county keeps 1.8 million people traveling smoothly through 62 miles of expressways and 635 miles of roadways. Decision-makers respond quickly to traffic congestion and commute delays, improving safety while reducing costs.

Support policy

Map resources, assets, and incidents nationwide to understand how they intersect with proposed policies.

Measure performance

Adapt programs in real-time using dashboards. Analyze policy impact by measuring issue correspondence and its yields.

Engage citizens

Map member visits, future engagements, and rates of correspondence on maps that embed on websites and social media.

Specialized Apps

Insights for ArcGIS

Answer questions you didn't know to ask, and quickly get results using a web-based data analytics workbench for exploring data.

Learn about Insights for ArcGIS

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Monitor activities and stay aware of unfolding events by using real-time maps and infographics. Use data to respond faster and adjust to changing conditions.

Learn about Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Real-time GIS

Analyze and display real-time, streaming data from sensors, mobile devices, and social media feeds. Automatically tailor your focus to the events that matter most.

Learn about real-time GIS

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