Esri's solution for emergency call taking

Emergency calls for service contain location information. Validated, dispatchable locations improve a telecommunicator's ability to appropriately assign first responders and ensure a timely response. Real-time, smart GIS maps improve computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and call routing so police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) professionals can get to those in need faster and with better situational awareness.

Integrated solutions for emergency call taking and dispatch


Create and manage addresses

911 emergency calls include GPS coordinates with varying certainties. GIS translates this information into dispatchable addresses that can be reconciled with caller and other location information. Combining this intelligence on maps increases readiness and provides a geographic reference with overall situational understanding.

Verify in the field

With ArcGIS web applications, first responders and dispatchers now have powerful mobile maps and tools at their fingertips, on any device, anytime and anywhere. Out-of-the-box configurations allow agencies to customize mobile collection and collaboration tools easily and ensure that all emergency communication needs are met immediately.


Migrate to 3D

Next generation 911 data will soon incorporate z-axis information (elevation) with GPS coordinates for dispatchers. Maps and applications need to be able to consume, analyze, visualize, and intelligently share 3D information, including building information models (BIM) that provide floor plans, indoor routing, and improved operational understanding.


Enable mobile capabilities

First responders need powerful GIS capabilities at their fingertips to complement computer-aided dispatch systems. Mission-based web applications are available for police, fire, and EMS. The apps are easy to customize and can be configured to meet agency needs. Mobile apps provide a powerful, seamless way to communicate from the field while enjoying operational awareness in real time.


Five ways GIS empowers next generation 911

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