Maintain effective operations during a crisis with solutions for emergency response. Ensure your community's resilience with incident management software that will enable impact analysis, efficient response, and effective public communication. Then, use data collection tools to support a diligent recovery.

Preconfigured solutions for emergency managers


Maintain situational awareness

Use impact management software to understand the status of an incident in real time. Leverage that information to support optimized mitigation, preparation, and response.

Illustration of a paper map that outlines a plan of how things will move in space.

Identify property damage

Improve your disaster response and understand scope of impact, ensuring that your community gets the help and resources it needs.

A man wearing a hard hat and a reflective vest that says “Search and Rescue” stands near the remains of a collapsed building.

Manage storm debris

Facilitate the collection of debris and efficiently report the status of cleanup efforts.

A fallen tree branch and downed power line are blocking a road marked with orange and white striped safety signs.

Inform the public

Educate the community about potential hazards and risks. Share critical incident information with residents to help them locate emergency shelters, warming centers, and cooling centers.

A sign reading “Road Closed” stands in the middle of a flooded street


COVID-19 Response Solution

Our collection of maps and apps allows ArcGIS users to quickly deploy and respond to the ongoing pandemic.

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Solutions for every initiative

Implement a collection of focused maps and apps to help address challenges in your organization.

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