Support an equitable and sustainable revenue source with solutions that allow you to visualize property information effectively. Leverage internal and external communication tools that display values, optimize the valuation process, and recover tax revenue.  

Preconfigured solutions for land records


Transparent property data

Increase public access to local property information and encourage equitable property value in your community.

An aerial photo of a residential neighborhood with fields and houses

Analyze property values

Improve the overall understanding of land values. Visualize the location of sales, foreclosures, and assessment appeals.

A person’s hands are on the keyboard of a laptop that displays a dashboard and map of home values in an area

Recover tax revenue

Maximize tax revenue by engaging real estate professionals, development companies, and the public to help return delinquent properties to a productive state.

A two-story house with a Foreclosure and For Sale sign in front


Property Appraiser Achieves Agility with Web GIS

Osceola County eliminated the need to custom code by using ready-made apps that provide visitors with access to county property information.

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Solutions for every initiative

Implement a collection of focused maps and apps to help address challenges in your organization.

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