Enrich community safety with solutions that allow you to visualize patterns and trends. Design tactical plans, monitor incidents, increase transparency, and engage residents. 

Preconfigured solutions for law enforcement


Track public safety incidents

Gather and examine recent incident reports like crimes, calls for service, arrests, and warrants, enabling command staff to review daily activity in each precinct or district, maintain incident awareness, understand short-term trends, and monitor officer engagements.

The back of a police officer wearing a vest that says “Police” is in focus in front of a police car in the background

Develop tactical plans

Law enforcement agencies can use software for strategic planning to develop tactical plans required to deal with a potential incident.

Three uniformed police officers stand together, focusing on one’s belt with a radio, handcuffs, and baton

Engage the public

Protect your community with accessible public information maps that provide a common understanding of safety conditions.

A uniformed police officer holding a pen and paper speaks with a man and a woman in an outdoor parking lot


Police Transparency Solution

Build trust with your community via preconfigured solutions for promoting transparency, resident feedback, and accountability in law enforcement.

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Solutions for every initiative

Implement a collection of focused maps and apps to help address challenges in your organization.

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