ArcGIS for iOS App Improves Users' Experience

New Version Includes Support for Pop-up Windows and Basemap Galleries

Version 2.0 of the ArcGIS for iOS application includes support for pop-up windows, the ability to switch between ArcGIS Online basemaps inside the application, and new collaboration features. Significant changes have also been made in designing a native iPad experience.

iPhone and iPad users can access a variety of basemaps for viewing GIS information.

iPhone and iPad users can access a variety of basemaps for viewing GIS information.

Pop-up Windows and Map Notes

The updated app now fully supports layer pop-up windows, which let users view additional information in their maps by tapping on the map. Text, photos, pie charts, and website links can be accessed via the pop-up feature. Users can also sketch and annotate maps using Map Notes. Spreadsheets (.csv), text files (.txt), shapefiles (.shp), and GPS eXchange Format (.gpx) files can also be imported into maps as Map Notes.

Basemap Gallery

ArcGIS for iOS users can now access a variety of ArcGIS Online basemaps for viewing data. The basemap gallery contains topographic, aerial, and satellite coverages. The topographic map that is included is a community basemap that users have contributed to, ensuring that the data is authoritative.

Sharing Maps

ArcGIS for iOS also promotes collaboration and information sharing between multiple users and within the online community. Maps in ArcGIS can now be shared via text message (SMS), Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail. Users can instantly send their custom maps via text message or post them on social media sites to inform coworkers and friends and collaborate with others in the GIS community.

Productivity Tools

Esri has added an intelligent dynamic legend to ArcGIS for iOS. Unlike static legends, which do not change when the map scale changes, dynamic legends define symbols as they are shown on the map. Locations on the map can also be bookmarked, making it easier to access and switch between areas of interest. Users can navigate to map bookmarks within the Contacts application of their iOS device. Users can also create new bookmarks by tapping on the map and using their current location or a GIS feature.

New User Experience

The application user experience has changed. Menu icons and tab bars in ArcGIS for iOS have been streamlined to create more map space. The application now supports both panning and sketching across the dateline.

Available in 10 Languages

The ArcGIS for iOS application is now available in 10 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, and Russian.

Download the latest version of the ArcGIS for iOS application at no cost from the Apple App Store.

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