Leverage ArcGIS Online with ArcGIS Explorer Desktop

New Features and Enhancements

Easily search for ArcGIS Online content and add it to your ArcGIS Explorer Desktop projects.

Easily search for ArcGIS Online content and add it to your ArcGIS Explorer Desktop projects.

The new ArcGIS Explorer Desktop release includes new features and enhancements to make it a more powerful tool in your GIS enterprise. ArcGIS Explorer Desktop is a free GIS viewer that gives you an easy way to explore, visualize, and share GIS information.

Among the most important aspects of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop is the ability to easily upload GIS content directly to your ArcGIS Online account. This gives anyone with Internet access the ability to see your work. ArcGIS Explorer Desktop is further integrated with ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS via support for sharing, roles, custom basemap galleries, and organization-specific search. You can search shared content on ArcGIS Online or private content hosted in your on-premises cloud.

Another new feature is the ability to display attribute tables for feature layers. With a single click, you can view a table showing all the records for a selected feature layer. Selected records can be written to a CSV file or added to the map.

Built-in presentation capabilities have always been a popular aspect of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop, and with this release, users have even more tools for creating engaging, interactive presentations. These tools include slide animations, timed transitions, audio synchronization, and presentation markup.

No installation is needed to work with ArcGIS Explorer Desktop. Starting with this release, ArcGIS Explorer Desktop can be run from an external USB-connected drive on any computer that meets the ArcGIS Explorer Desktop system requirements.

Additional aspects of this release include the ability to control the size and position of pop-up windows, full support for KML tours, and the ability to use custom locators.

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