Understanding GIS and Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder

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buy the book nowUnderstanding GIS: An ArcGIS Project Workbook
By Christian Harder, Tim Ormsby, and Thomas BalstrÝm
A comprehensive urban planning project to find a suitable location for a park by the Los Angeles River is the premise of Understanding GIS. Using this spatially based problem, the book teaches the essential phases of a GIS analysis project, from planning to execution and follow-up. The book incorporates the latest developments in ArcGIS; readers build proficiency using ArcGIS 10 software and learn the geographic approach to problem solving. Nine lessons, including Build the database, Automate the analysis, and Share results online, comprise the workbook. ArcGIS Desktop 10 trial software, data, and a resource center for the book are also offered. ISBN: 978-1-58948-242-5, 378 pp., $79.95.

Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder
By David W. Allen
buy the book nowThis workbook lays a comprehensive foundation for building models with ModelBuilder—a visual programming technology available in ArcGIS—including how to develop and run reusable geoprocessing workflows and models. Divided into seven chapters addressing model basics, interactive models, flow control, multiple inputs, model iterations, model environment, and building documentation, this book fosters a comprehensive knowledge of ModelBuilder for intermediate to advanced GIS analysts and students. Data for the exercises, as well as examples of models, Python scripts, and custom applications, is included in a companion DVD. Allen is also author of GIS Tutorial 2: Spatial Analysis Workbook and GIS Tutorial 3: Advanced Workbook (Esri Press, 2010). ISBN: 978-1-58948-255-5, 336 pp., $79.95.

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