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Spring 2012 Edition

Make Custom Apps with Detailed Population Data

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With Community Analyst API, developers can create customized applications that assess the population characteristics of an area.

Esri Community Analyst is Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides analysis and mapping of thousands of demographic, health, economic, education, and business data variables. This demographic data is also available as an add-in for ArcGIS for Desktop.

With Community Analyst API, developers can create custom web, mobile, and desktop applications that produce detailed reports using thousands of data variables, including demographic, health, and crime. The API also gives developers more control over what data and specific geographies they want users to view, publicly or internally. Data can be aggregated and summarized at 10 levels of geography or specified by polygon, drive time, or distance. Community Analyst automatically aggregates and accurately summarizes the data regardless of the size or shape of the area being analyzed. Information is provided as presentation-ready PDFs, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or XML streams, allowing maximum flexibility in creating custom applications.

The API is available in Flex, REST, Silverlight, and SOAP formats. Resources available to make developers productive include code samples and blogs. Visit the Community Analyst website to try Community Analyst API free for 30 days.

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