Effective response starts here.

Preparedness is the first step to any successful emergency management outcome. With Esri, you can immediately visualize critical infrastructure and vulnerable populations within your community that you need to protect when disaster strikes. Identify and prioritize potential threats, both environmental and man-made, and develop comprehensive plans for evacuations, containment, and mitigation. Find your greatest weaknesses and arm yourself for the next big incident.

"We not only saved $2 million through using GIS for our system redesign, we also increased safety and awareness and should ultimately save lives."

Brett Lord-Castillo, GIS Programmer at St. Louis County Police Office of Emergency Management



Overlay historical incidents with your operational data to see where future events are most likely to occur.


Run sophisticated what-if scenarios to understand how a chemical spill or sudden flood will affect your community.


Pre-position assets to the most vulnerable areas of your communities to speed response when an incident occurs.


ArcGIS for Emergency Management

Take the guesswork out of your disaster planning with free map and app templates in ArcGIS for Emergency Management. Quickly deploy focused apps that can help you with everything from special- event planning to developing flood response plans.

Learn more about ArcGIS for Emergency Management.

ArcGIS for Desktop

Take advantage of scientific analysis tools and modeling capabilities in ArcGIS for Desktop to better understand how various threats will impact your community. From animating chemical plumes to optimizing evacuation routes, ArcGIS for Desktop provides a powerful suite of tools that can help you develop and test your disaster plans.

Find out how St. Louis County designed a more effective siren network that will warn more residents.

ArcGIS Online

Disaster and emergency management plans are useless unless people can access them. With ArcGIS, you can find authoritative data for your plans and create web maps and apps that can be shared across your organization and with partner agencies. Boost your community’s preparedness with story maps that communicate disaster plans.

See how Direct Relief shares hurricane response plans with ArcGIS Online

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