Save lives and protect critical infrastructure.

At its core, effective emergency response is about directing limited resources to the places where they can do the most good. Intelligently dispatch first responders and optimize supply routes through powerful spatial analysis and visualization. Find the best sites for shelters and incident command posts while constantly keeping an eye on the situation with live data feeds from the field.



Map assets and hazards in a common view to intuitively assign the right equipment and personnel to the right places.


Account for road closures and other impedances to develop the best routes for responders and evacuees alike.


Equip responders with mobile apps that let them feed real-time observations into your common operational picture.


ArcGIS for Emergency Management

Manage your response and achieve better situational awareness with live feeds of operations. With ArcGIS for Emergency Management, you can use free templates to quickly produce mission-critical maps and apps that drive more effective emergency response.

Learn more about ArcGIS for Emergency Management.

ArcGIS Online

Maintain situational awareness at all times with live feeds and authoritative sources from other agencies. ArcGIS Online provides a geographic framework to monitor the evolving nature of any situation and visualize the locations of your assets in real-time.

See how Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management directed response efforts through ArcGIS Online.

Collector for ArcGIS

Get live updates from your personnel in the field with Collector for ArcGIS. Take advantage of disconnected-editing capabilities to collect key information, even when you’re outside cell coverage. Collector for ArcGIS ties into maps published by your organization so that responders have the same information you see in the command center.

Learn more about Collector for ArcGIS.

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