Create clarity amidst the chaos.

Before you can start directing resources, you have to know the situation on the ground. With Esri technology, you can create a common operational picture for responders and supporting agencies that provides a single, current view of the situation. Share information and collaborate with internal stakeholders to make sure everyone is using the most recent and most accurate data when it matters most.



Combine real-time disaster information with responder locations and other operational data in a single view to see the complete picture.


Provide critical information to decision makers at a glance so they can manage road closures, orchestrate evacuations, and dispatch resources.


Securely share data with partner agencies about available resources and vulnerable populations to speed decision making.


ArcGIS for Emergency Management

Don’t waste time trying to establish your own information-sharing apps during an emergency. Preconfigured templates like the Common Operational Picture and the Incident Briefing Book in ArcGIS for Emergency Management let you share data in a matter of minutes.

Learn more about ArcGIS for Emergency Management.

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Fuse your common operational picture with interactive charts and streaming data to monitor the situation as it emerges. With Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, you can track weather, responders, hazards, and more, in a single, dynamic view. Equip your leadership with a straightforward view of information that will help them allocate limited resources.

Get the latest on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.

ArcGIS Online

Create interactive web maps and apps that bring volumes of data into a common view. With ArcGIS Online, you can easily share your authoritative information with other agencies or find live data such as weather or fire perimeters. Take advantage of groups and manage user roles to securely expose sensitive information to those who need it.

See how ArcGIS Online powers a multistate earthquake exercise.

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