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Emergency and Disaster Management

When a disaster strikes, knowing what you need and how to find it can be the key factor that saves lives, resources, and critical infrastructure. Esri can help you with all phases of emergency management, from developing mitigation plans to managing limited resources and prioritizing recovery efforts once the dust settles.


Eliminating Information Blind Spots

When a catastrophic earthquake occurs, Central United States Earthquake Consortium relies on GIS mapping software to understand the situation and coordinate response efforts. Critical information—such as damage assessments and evacuation zones—delivers a new level of intelligence when shared via real-time maps.


Better identify and prioritize potential threat levels and develop comprehensive plans for evacuations and containment.


Intelligently dispatch first responders, optimize supply routes, and direct limited resources.

Situational Awareness

Visualize and share a real-time view of the situation with first responders and supporting agencies.


Map damaged infrastructure, affected populations, and resources to more efficiently coordinate recovery efforts.

Specialized Apps

Preparedness Apps

Map and model potential plans, determine their possible impacts, visualize critical vulnerabilities, and prepare for special events.

Find out more about our Preparedness apps

Response Apps

Deliver situational awareness, engage with the public, and understand the impact of an event using focused applications and common tools.

Find out more about our Response apps

Recovery Apps

Analyze resources, assess the aftermath of an event, and collect information in support of your community.

Find out more about our Recovery apps


Esri partners offer specialized solutions built on ArcGIS to solve your real-world challenges.

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