Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Matching COVID-19 Cases to Facilities: Lessons Learned

Harnessing Geospatial Data for Informed Health-Care Planning

Revealing Opioid Diversion with ArcGIS AllSource

Interactive Maps Tell the Story of Modern Risk Mitigation in Florida

App Saves Time and Adds Flexibility and Transparency to Capital Funds Spending

Decades of Innovation by Orange County

Special Section

Taking Responsibility for Our Future

The New Blue Economy & Predictability

Using GIS to Create the World We Want to See

End Notes

Using GIS to Control a Big Snake Problem in the Everglades

Letter from the Editor

Technology and Commitment for the World We Want



Software and Data

Briefly Noted

Manager’s Corner

How GIS Mitigates the Impact of Vacant Office Space

How to Communicate the Business Value of Your Tech Innovation

Developer’s Section

Accessibility and Arcade: Working in Color

Build Accessible Web Apps

Hands On

How to Start an ArcGIS Pro Project

Using Alternative Test for Equitable Storytelling

Manage Layers More Efficiently in ArcGIS Pro with Catalog Layers


Spatial Statistics Illustrated

Geospatial Data, Information, and Intelligence

Faces of GIS

My Career Asking Questions with a Geographic Approach

Esri Young Professionals Network Is for Everyone


Helping Students Get Ahead by Meeting Workforce Needs