Generative AI, or GenAI, is connecting people across enterprises, symbolized by this connected cityscape.

NextTech: Generative AI Enhances GIS across the Enterprise

Analysts in the GSOC might monitor a venue with an overhead view and heat signatures

NextTech: Managing Corporate Security—At Home and on the Road

An operational basemap shows locations of property and assets around the world

NextTech: Creating an Operational Basemap

An electrical transmission station

NextTech: The Geographic Conundrum Slowing a Clean Energy Future

Panels on a warehouse capture the solar potential of a rooftop

NextTech: Seeing a Company’s Solar Potential

A 3D scene modeling storm impacts on a group of buildings

NextTech: Predicting Storm Impacts with Location Analytics, AI

A map of the US shows locations of companies involved in hypothetical foodborne illness

NextTech: Risk Mitigation in Complex Networks

A map of global indicators shows each country\'s total investments abroad as a vertical line

NextTech: An Executive View of the Global Economy

Building scaffolding symbolizes a second skin for retrofits

A "Second Skin" for Buildings Aims for a Net-Zero Future

A map of a UK town is color-coded to show carbon emissions

NextTech: Making Unseen Emissions Visible

A map of OEM suppliers in Japan illustrates supply chain transparency

NextTech: Tracing Relationships through the Supply Chain

Tracks on a snowy hillside represent a digital carbon footprint

NextTech: Tracing the Carbon Footprints of Our Internet Travels

A real-time mapping illustration showing hexagons laid over a trail map

NextTech: Exploring a Breakthrough in Real-Time Mapping

An IT map reveals relationships between employees, software, and IT infrastructure

NextTech: The Holy Grail of IT—A Digital Twin of People, Process, Tech

A map tracking incidents in the global supply chain

NextTech: Monitoring the Global Supply Chain in Real Time

Human weather as seen in highway traffic

NextTech: Mapping ‘Human Weather’ Patterns with Geospatial Analysis

Dark stores like this one could be the future of retail

NextTech: Finding the Best Locations for Dark Stores

Visualizing a city in terms of net zero committments

NextTech: Tracking Progress toward Net Zero Emissions

A construction site viewed through drone footage and BIM tech

NextTech: Drones, 3D Buildings, and Construction Monitoring

Managing indoor assets through a digital twin

NextTech: A Digital Twin Aids Planning in the New Workplace

Air pollution from this source and others impact business and health

NextTech: Mapping the Business Impact of Air Pollution

Food spoilage in the supply chain threatens these bananas and other produce

NextTech: Geoblockchain and the Challenge of Food Spoilage

Parking lot analysis with AI

NextTech: Artificial Intelligence in Action for Business

CRM data analysis on smart maps

NextTech: Retailers Combine CRM and GIS to Understand Customers


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