An artist\'s rendering of the industrial metaverse, with a worker in VR goggles reaching for a manufacturing tool

The Industrial Metaverse: A Roadmap Emerges

Erika Le manages circularity at Rehrig Pacific

Inside the Circular Economy with Smart Maps and Blockchain

A gold wafer shows semiconductor production

US Manufacturing Growth Demands More Than Funding Alone

A map showing sample territory management data for a manufacturer

Fast Four—Manufacturing an Advantage

A pallet of shipping boxes signifies supply chain agility

Experts Call for New Form of Supply Chain Agility

A cargo port represents the impacts of CBAM

Understanding the Global Impacts of EU’s Carbon Tax

A blue recycling bin symbolizes new life for product returns

The Hazards of Easy Product Returns

A warehouse with high bays represents automation in action

As Manufacturing Automation Increases, Indoor Awareness Gains Attention

a one hundred dollar US bill signifies the IRA and federal spending

Billions in New Federal Spending and Its Business Impacts

A map of OEM suppliers in Japan illustrates supply chain transparency

NextTech: Tracing Relationships through the Supply Chain

A locked pink shipping container

The Art and Science of Securing Goods from Manufacturing to Point of Sale

Supply chain disruptions could spur manufacturing activity, as in this hypothetical US map

US Manufacturing Gets a COVID Bump

Water management represented by a drop of water in a pond

Why Water Is Key for Sustainability-Minded Executives

Manufacturing executives need visibility into this kind of processing facility

Geography Affects Executive Priorities on ESG, Tech

Did United Cacao clear a section of rain forest like this?

Eyes over the Amazon Unravel a Deforestation Mystery

Drone highways over a city

Under Construction: Drone Highways over Detroit

Population shifts and manufacturing implications

Changing Demographics Ripple through the Supply Chain

New channels for brand growth, like pop-up stores, are gaining popularity

Growth Insights Series: Is Direct-to-Consumer a Ticket to Growth?

Reining in carbon emissions from ocean shipping

New Emissions Goal May Launch Smart Ship Era


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