Alberto Nieto

Alberto Nieto is a Product Engineer on Esri’s Spatial Statistics team. In his role, he helps research, build, and maintain spatial data science capabilities in ArcGIS and works closely with government agencies to learn about the problems our software can help solve. Alberto’s background includes fourteen years of experience, including previous roles as a GIS Developer at Capital One and NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, and as a GIS Analyst at the Census Bureau and the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department.

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How to work with date fields in Data Engineering

It's time to talk about time! Let's see how Data Engineering in ArcGIS Pro helps you work with date fields.

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How to work with text fields in Data Engineering

Text fields... useful information in our data but sometimes gloriously messy and chaotic. Let's work with them in Data Engineering!

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How to work with numeric fields in Data Engineering

Data Engineering in ArcGIS Pro provides useful options to work with numeric fields.

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How to join data with Data Engineering

Learn how to use Data Engineering to explore and evaluate your joins.

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How to convert field types with Data Engineering

Learn how to convert the data type of fields in ArcGIS Pro using Data Engineering.

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How to explore fields with Data Engineering

A quick tour on how to explore fields using symbology, charts, and attribute table with Data Engineering in ArcGIS Pro.

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How to get started with Data Engineering

The first in our series of "How to... in Data Engineering" articles introduces you to the Data Engineering view.

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Eight tips to help you make better presence prediction models with Presence-only Prediction (MaxEnt)

Quick tips for tweaking parameters, finding an optimal model, and mastering the Presence-Only Prediction (MaxEnt) tool.

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Shape the future of Data Engineering in ArcGIS Pro

The Data Engineering product development team would love to hear your feedback to help us plan future development.

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