Jen Van Deusen

Jen Van Deusen leads the Sustainable Development Industry Solutions team at Esri. She is focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and telling and sharing the stories of community stakeholders who are applying GIS to achieve the SDGs. Jen’s background combines business, nonprofit leadership, and cross-sector collaboration in applying technology to achieve sustainable development in the infrastructure/AEC space, with efforts ranging from energy renewables and optimization for AEC, sustainable infrastructure in small island developing states (SIDS), to clean water access in developing communities. She has lived/worked internationally, and, as an alum of Brown University and IE University, also works with these institutions to partner with nonprofits and for-profit entrepreneurs to achieve positive impact in under-served communities in Ethiopia.

Posts by this author
Maps: The Fight for Fairer Redistricting and Voting Rights

California’s Fair Maps Act takes cues from the Dolores Huerta Foundation to ensure district maps match the demographic makeup of a community.

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World Bank Maps Rural Poverty in Afghanistan to Increase Shared Prosperity

Activities to rebuild Afghanistan gained benefits from efforts to create a detailed and up-to-date map of the country.

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Assessing Economic Water Scarcity Needs with GIS and AI

Global Water Challenge created apps to help governments and NGOs prioritize water projects based on the number of people impacted.

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Tracking a Minor Ingredient with a Major Impact on Business

Inside the battle for sustainable production of an ingredient in many foods and beauty products.

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Tracking Tree Planting in Burkina Faso to Measure and Improve Survival Rate

Mobile GIS helps project managers record and monitor tree planting efforts, which hope to stop the deadly march of desertification.

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Small Islands Use Location Intelligence to Guide Climate Action

Fiji uses GIS and remote sensing to understand and predict climate change in order to reduce the impact to its people and economy.

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