Supply Chain

A world map shows the extent of Cisco's service supply chain

How Cisco Created a GIS-Based Digital Twin of Its Service Supply Chain

A weathervane signifies movement of the population center

A Shifting Population Center Puts Analytics in the Spotlight

A metal chain close up

As Supply Chains Falter, Executives Ask, "What If?"

A map of the US shows locations of companies involved in hypothetical foodborne illness

NextTech: Risk Mitigation in Complex Networks

Grocery freezer cases represent consumer buying behavior

Inflation—And the Geography of Shopping Habits

A map of OEM suppliers in Japan illustrates supply chain transparency

NextTech: Tracing Relationships through the Supply Chain

A fertilizer shortage signified by a field of wheat with a few trees

Supply Chain Squeeze Spotlights Smarter Use of Resources

Supply chain disruptions could spur manufacturing activity, as in this hypothetical US map

US Manufacturing Gets a COVID Bump

Long-haul truckers might have a windshield view like this

Recruiting and Protecting a New Generation of Young Truck Drivers

A Columbia Distributing truck featuring a swappable ad

Distributing Beer, Beverages, and Industry-Changing Innovation

A map tracking incidents in the global supply chain

NextTech: Monitoring the Global Supply Chain in Real Time

A smart map of a city with 3D buildings

Five Ways Smart Maps Have Changed the Business World

A curved building represents the circular economy

The Circular Economy Gets a Tech Boost

Drone highways over a city

Under Construction: Drone Highways over Detroit

Georgia Tech students celebrate first prize in a business analytics competition

Wanted: Business Analysts with Location Analytics Skills

Should products like these have carbon labels?

Should Products Have Carbon Labels?

A rearranged supply chain represented by puzzle pieces

Will COVID-19 Rearrange the Global Supply Chain?

COVID-19 has spread worldwide

Reliable Data Is Helping Businesses Respond to COVID-19

Conference room for business decisions during the coronavirus pandemic

How Businesses Are Bringing Clarity to Coronavirus Response

Beth Rogers, Fruit of the Loom senior manager of data science

A Lifelong Learner Brings a Data Science Edge to Fruit of the Loom

Food spoilage in the supply chain threatens these bananas and other produce

NextTech: Geoblockchain and the Challenge of Food Spoilage

Tracing a product back through the supply chain

The Ethics of Supply Chain Transparency

Managing global risk

Political Uncertainty Prompts Companies to Examine Geographic Implications

Population shifts and manufacturing implications

Changing Demographics Ripple through the Supply Chain


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