Supply Chain

A magnifying glass over a globe symbolizes sustainable sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing: A Data-Driven Approach to Supplier Selection

A tiered planting system on a green hillside

A Look Inside Sustainable Sourcing

A map shows lines connecting supply chain locations worldwide

Fast Four: Toward a Nimble Supply Chain

A pallet of shipping boxes signifies supply chain agility

Experts Call for New Form of Supply Chain Agility

A map showing driving routes through a supply chain

Inside the Supply Chain Work of GM and Other Innovators

A blue recycling bin symbolizes new life for product returns

The Hazards of Easy Product Returns

A world map shows the extent of Cisco's service supply chain

How Cisco Created a GIS-Based Digital Twin of Its Service Supply Chain

A weathervane signifies movement of the population center

A Shifting Population Center Puts Analytics in the Spotlight

A metal chain close up

As Supply Chains Falter, Executives Ask, "What If?"

A map of the US shows locations of companies involved in hypothetical foodborne illness

NextTech: Risk Mitigation in Complex Networks

Grocery freezer cases represent consumer buying behavior

Inflation—And the Geography of Shopping Habits

A map of OEM suppliers in Japan illustrates supply chain transparency

NextTech: Tracing Relationships through the Supply Chain

A fertilizer shortage signified by a field of wheat with a few trees

Supply Chain Squeeze Spotlights Smarter Use of Resources

Supply chain disruptions could spur manufacturing activity, as in this hypothetical US map

US Manufacturing Gets a COVID Bump

Long-haul truckers might have a windshield view like this

Recruiting and Protecting a New Generation of Young Truck Drivers

A Columbia Distributing truck featuring a swappable ad

Distributing Beer, Beverages, and Industry-Changing Innovation

A map tracking incidents in the global supply chain

NextTech: Monitoring the Global Supply Chain in Real Time

A smart map of a city with 3D buildings

Five Ways Smart Maps Have Changed the Business World

A curved building represents the circular economy

The Circular Economy Gets a Tech Boost

Drone highways over a city

Under Construction: Drone Highways over Detroit

Georgia Tech students celebrate first prize in a business analytics competition

Wanted: Business Analysts with Location Analytics Skills

Should products like these have carbon labels?

Should Products Have Carbon Labels?

A rearranged supply chain represented by puzzle pieces

Will COVID-19 Rearrange the Global Supply Chain?

COVID-19 has spread worldwide

Reliable Data Is Helping Businesses Respond to COVID-19


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